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Nazli Abid Nisar, CEO & Founder of Bells n Bells and Director, ATC Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd., currently serving as a Vice President of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) and Vice President of Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WCCI South), is known for organizing spectacular events. She has an eye for detail and a talent for whipping up seamless events. She brought the awe-inspiring ingenious idea of “Bells n Bells” into motion over a decade ago along with her other ventures including Bells Fashion Gallery, Cuisinery by Bells n Bells and charitable causes like Support A Mom and Educate a Girl.

She was a Candidate for Vice-President, Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) in the 2018 election.

Nazli understands the importance of strong relationships, open communication and unwavering commitment to each and every event, and makes it her personal goal to ensure each event is unique, memorable, stunning and impeccably organized. Rest assured, she will apply the same entrepreneurial principles to all her ventures and causes.

She is a housewife, a devoted mother, and a successful entrepreneur with strong enthusiasm and love for event planning which gave birth to Bells n Bells. She specializes in decor, packing, wrapping, weddings, birthday theme parties and large-scale events including festivals, carnivals and corporate events. Bells n Bells has customers all over the world in countries like Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, and USA.

Nazli has been promoting Pakistani culture on an international level. She is well-known for her work locally and internationally. She is also recognized for her social work towards noble causes like Educate a Girl, Support A Mom, Charity Fund for Minor Thalassemic Children and collaborative work with other social institutions like Indus University and Dawood Global.
Nazli wants to expand her work towards women empowerment, not just in Karachi but all over Pakistan. She wants to enable women in all fields of life, regardless of class, culture, religion and other societal boundaries, to have the same opportunities

Allah has bestowed upon us.

She says, “We are extremely lucky to have had such privileged and easy lives compared to what women in Pakistan have to succumb to every other day. We shall not take it for granted, and do and give back as much as we can to the community.”

Current Positions:

1- Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) 2018 – Present
Vice President

2- Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WCCI South) 2018 – Present
Vice President

3- Bells n Bells CEO & Founder 2018 – Present
Ventures include:
Bells Fashion Gallery (BFG by Nazli Abid)
Cuisinery by Bells n Bells


1- Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WCCI South) 2017 – Present
Executive Member

2- Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) 2017 – Present
Member Executive Committee-2018

3- United Nations Association of Pakistan (UNAP) 2017 – Present
Executive Member

4- Pakistan-Indonesia Business Forum (PIBF) 2016 – Present
Senior Member

5- Dawood Global Ladies Fund 2012 – Present VIP Member

Panel Member of Clubs:

1- Present Karachi Club-2016

2- Present Defence Authority Creek Club-2013

3- Present Defence Authority Country & Golf Club-2011

4- 2016 Defence Authority Sunset Club-2014

Social Causes:

1- Present Support a Mom Cause Co-Founder and Contributor -2013

2- Dawood Global, Educate a Girl Contributor and Participant -2011 – 2012

3- Charity Fund for Minor Thalassemic Children Contributor and Organizer -2009 – 2010


1- USAID Women Business Trade Policy Advisory Course -2018

3- IBA Certificate in Counselling- 2018

4- Raffles International College Certificate in Event Management -2008-2009

5- St. Josephs College Intermediate

6- St. Lawrance (Our Lady Fatima) Matriculation

Awards & Acknowledgments:

1- Best Event Planner Award by Mr. Aqeel Karim Dhedhi
Golden Autumn Women Exhibition 2017 at DA Creek Club Karachi-2017

2- Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Award by Governor Punjab Rafique Lahore-2017

3- Women Welfare Award by APCCA Karachi-2017

4- Women Entrepreneurship Award by Balochistan FPCCI
Pak-Iran Chamber meeting Quetta- 2017

5- Best Event Planning 2017 by Karachi-2017

6- Outstanding Event Planner Award by Indus University
Basant & Spring Gala 2016, DA Country & Golf Club Karachi-2016

7- Letter of Appreciation by DA Country & Golf Club Karachi 2016

8- Letter of Appreciation by DA Creek Club Karachi-2015

9- Best Spot Light Entrepreneur Award by Dawood Global Fund
Women’s Expo 2014 Karachi 2013 Letter of Appreciation by DA Sunset Club Karachi- 2014

10- Certificate of Achievement at Wedding Style & Bridal 360 Couture
Karachi -2008

Contact info:
Nazli Abid Nisar

Brand Name: Bells n Bells
CEO: Bells n Bells, Event Management Company & Wedding Planner
CEO: Bells Fashion Gallery, Designer Dresses & Jewellery
Creative Head: Nazli Abid Nisar
Vice President: Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry Karachi South (WCCIKS, 2018-2019)
Member: National Business Women Council (NBWC, 2017-2020)
Former Vice President: Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry FPCCI (2017-2018)
Mobile: +92 321 2022250
Email: [email protected]
Bells n Bells Address: Mezzanine, 3C, 3rd Zamzama Commercial Lane, DHA Phase 5, Karachi-75500, Pakistan
Office: +92 21 35871393
Mobile: +92 324 2137596
Email: [email protected]
Address office: WCCI Karachi South office # 4, Plot # 1-C, Lane # 2, Sehar Commercial Area, Phase-VII, DHA, Karachi.
Mobile: +92 316 6550057
Office: +92 21 37223874
E-mail: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: WCCIKSouthpk
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